Thursday, November 11, 2010



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Blog Coming Soon!

Okay, just what the title suggested, i'm going to move my blog soon~
My new blog is still under construction though.
It 'ate' a lot of my time & i don't know why i even bother to do it. [It was HTML, trust me. Not blogging]
Whatever it is, the new bloggie would definitely be better than this one.
BTW, my new bloggie isnt in blogspot anymore. It's..
~ you'll know later =]
Once, i've completed the site, i'll post the link in this bloggie ;) [maybe P=]

Well, it's 5 am now.. gotta go to sleep. I know... it was because of the new blogging site that took away my sleep.

Actually, i've got a couple more things to tell you readers.. but i guess i should just hold it till my new blogger's completed =(

And, I'v... *BAM*

ZzZz~ (x/)

Saturday, July 31, 2010


> Too absorbed to Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn. (Too irresistible!! especially Tsuna & Takeshi <3<3<3!!)

"Operation-X" Sawada Tsuna the 'Vongola Decimo'

Yamamoto Takeshi "かっこいい!!"

> Addicted to Yuuya Matsushita new song "Bird".
Yuuya Matsushita

> Addicted to Brown eyed girls - I'm in love
> Freaking ADDICTED to Badminton right now!!!! yesh.. effing addicted!
> Wanna watch Inception. Lots of ppl say NICE!
> Wanna play badminton now.. yes... now...
> A lil crazee for watching Nodame & Code Geass anime again...
> Got a lil bit addicted to classical musique thanks to Li Hui (>.<) > Havent been doing my hws and studies.. Exam comin' soon too.. *gulps*
> 2 weeks break coming.. then 1 week exam, then almost 2 mths holiday break =D (*who cares bout exam, holiday's NEAR)
> Hate to say this, but Hitman Reborn soundtracks are all stuck in my head.
> Going to wake up @ 5am today (now: 12.10am) and go 2 S'pore with ma family again... ==" But guess this trip is gonna be the last time =]
> Will be back @ Sunday Mid-nite?
> Guess tht's all 4 nw...

Oopss.. 1 more annoying thing to express be4 i Ciao~

> 'Some' ppl are juz plain idiotics who doesnt understand the body language of "F*** OFF". (It's written all over my face, realize tht, k? .i.d.i.o.t. ^^)
(btw, idiot: paham paham la, i din talk/look at you for a single second when u talk to me. ^^)

That's all 4 nw ^^

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fete de la Musique

Alright, time to update on the Fete de la Musique event.

French Music Festival organized by the HELP Int.

It was Sunday-2 days ago + during Father's Day.

The Curve

Volunteered to help out in the event.

What Happened?
Basically, everything is under control under our supervision (the UOL volunteers)
Yeah right~That's just cuz' NoThiNg HapPeNed!! Besides handling fliers & buying Ms. Dot her RM5 ear plugs, we just sat there for the whole 4 hours. zZzZ.

What rule did we break?
Instead of sitting there, we went to do a little window shopping & wander around the Curve & watch those performances. We ate popcorn for free, chicken + fried rice, drink HELP mineral bottle for FREE. We cam-whore; we chit-chat & we joke during our shift <--In other words, yeah, we're having fun instead of helping... ;)

What It's Like?
Some photos to share ;)

As you can see the woman sitting on the HELP Information Desk is called "Ms. Dot".

Look at the empty crowd~ Pity those performers!

"PLAN B" The Cheerleaders' Strategy used to attract Male audience~

Friend: Look! Finally there's a crowd.
Me: =="

HELP provided us their own brand of mineral water ;)

The 'Group 10-2' UOL "not much of a help" volunteers~...

Well, that's all for today ;)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tweet, Tweet - Hello!

This coming Sunday, will be helping out at the event FETE DE LA MUSIQUE which will be held in the Curve~ From 10am-2pm. So, guys better come and support us!! haha. I hope they'll just give us some easy tasks & let us live. lol. BUT, Oh well~at least the Curve is a better location compared to Low Yat (which is always fully packed with lala~ people).

Then, at night will be celebrating my Father's day ^^, huhuhu

1 thing to complain about!
I've been trying to be patient for a whole week & now they're telling me to wait for 2 weeks? GTH!!! >=(

1 thing to talk about!
Also, the other day, I've found another interesting thing. +Voice. Ever heard about it? BUT, this is only for Manga fans & for those who ever wish that the Manga characters will speak out loud while reading. If you ARE, your wish has come TRUE.

FlexComix web has created another form of Manga which allows reader to listen to the Manga character's bubble speech by clicking on it. The name's "+ Voice" (Plus Voice).

I have to say the voice actor/rres really did a good job! I love their voices. If you want to try out +Voice, click here. Title: Musashi no Sen no Shimai. (The Sisters of Musashino Line). Love the art ^^<3 (Takes some time to load, though).

2 things to announce!

My driving skill is getting better and better! & Not for long, I'll be able to drive ALONE. MUAHAHAHAHA... SO, ALL DRIVERS, BETTER WATCH OUT FOR ME!!! WAKAKAKA~<3

Secondly, I got myself a TWEET TWEET!!! (And yes, it's a Twitter!!~Finally!) Add me cki3? Here is my Page.

Well, i guess that's all for today. Gotta go to MV now. Makan malam di sana ^^


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Guudddiieee daaayy ^^

I feel so happy today ^^
- No more Stomach Pain~<3 (gonna sue devi's corner for that.. ISH.. made me so damn suffering!!!!)
- Dad told me that i get to drive ALONE after 2 more times with him in the passenger seat =D YAY
- Going to Singapore this Friday. That's not such a big deal. The main thing is that i GET to SKIP class on Friday!!! YAY~<3 =D
- Naruto is going to release its new chapter soon =3
- Watched another episode of NCIS.. ohhh my gawd~G. Callen~
- The 3 hr Maths Class today was trying to hypnotize me to sleep but luckily Kah Ying was there to keep me 'awake'. hehehe ~TQ~

Been a while waiting to watch the Karate Kid movie. Going to be released tomorrow but too bad, i have something else to do and so i couldn't watch it this week. SIGH!!!! A really SAD case. =(
Then there's this A Team, the xxx, the yyy, the zzz, the (n-1), f(x),...

& oh my gawd, cant believe i have to learn Arithmetic & Geometric Progression all over again!
I've totally forgotten bout it (the formulas, etc) Sigh... it only spells out the word .B.O.R.I.N.G.

Sigh, should get to sleep now...

oh well.. that's all from me now ^^
ciaosuuu <-- from Hitman Reborn.. LOL XD

OH, & if you got watch Hitman, did you realize that the artist always paint his *ahem* in different kinds of patterns & color? hahahaha XD
The artist should give him some 'more cooler' look instead of a "へんたい" look =3

but oh well~hehe


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oohh Chris O'Donnellll ^^

Quotation for the day

"Sometimes, i hope everyone has simple mind and make the world less complicated.. i wanna make my brain blank for today n think bout nothing.. :]"

6th June 2010 (Sunday)
- Got up at 12.30p.m.
- Had breakfast.
- Became a fan of Chris O'Donnell (stars in NCIS: LA)
- Addicted to NCIS: Los Angeles
- Finished a partial of math tutorial ^^
- Play FB for a while

- Watch a few episodes of NCIS: LA
- Studied some parts of Frank Wood's Accounting.

- At home alone today. That means, white bread for dinner.
- Watch a few episodes of Nodame Cantabile: Finale <3
- C.u.r.s.e the end of sem break & tomorrow's uni day.
- Go to bed & ZzZz~

"G. Callen" (Chris O'Donnell) -26th June 1970-40 y/o-~<3

65 y/o, Cute, Funny & Intelligent "Hetty" (Linda Hunt).
One of the characters in NCIS: LA.